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Mold Tooling

Aberdeen designs and builds BOOK MOLDS (See Advantages of BOOK MOLDS below) as well as conventional parting line mold tooling, including hot runner molds. We also produce mold tooling for customers to run in their facilities as well as molds that Aberdeen retains for customer production runs.

Our special BOOK MOLDS design allows secure placement of delicate inserts such as cannula, tubing, wires or filter membrane into the mold on a flat surface. Once in place the top mold half is gently closed around the inserts, preventing damage and insuring proper location and alignment in the mold during the clamping and injection cycle.

Multiple BOOK MOLDS used in conjunction with a rotary table vertical insert molding machine provide maximum production capacity and flexibility by allowing finished parts to cure in the mold while indexing. A product mix can easily be accommodated with this type of mold tooling. Typical medical devices produced with BOOK MOLDS include spinal, epidural and biopsy needles, multi-lumen catheters, filters, surgical instruments and pacemaker components.

Insert molding of contacts and stampings for the elctronics and automotive industries is efficiently and successfully accomplished, as well as cable and connector overmolding. Aberdeen also provides mold tooling sampling and first article approval, initial start-up production, and long term or back-up contract insert molding.

Turnkey systems which utilize BOOK MOLDS tooling are also available from Aberdeen.

We offer: Design

Our engineering manager has over 40 years of experience designing and building molds for the plastics industry. Mold design files are submitted for customer review and approval prior to construction. A determination is also made as to which mold type (book mold or conventional parting line mold) is best suited for each particular job. Complete mold design files are supplied with every job.

Mold Manufacturing

Our experienced staff of mold makers deliver world class quality every time. Molds with extremely critical tolerances are routinely fabricated in our tool room, including prototype, pre-production and production molds. Complex challenging parts are our specialty

Mold Sampling

Aberdeen provides first article samples from all molds as part of every project. Critical dimension measurement and analysis and process development are standard components of our sampling protocol. Customer are welcome to attend these runoffs.

Mold Maintenance

All molds stored at Aberdeen for production manufacturing are maintained by the same personnel who built them, insuring high standards of consistency and attention to detail throughout the life of the mold.

Mold Tooling
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