Insert Molding Specialists

Electronic/Telecom Components

Insert Molding for Electronic/Electrical Industry Aberdeen has extensive experience producing insert molded components and devices for the electronics/electrical and telecommunications industries. Multiple book molds mounted on rotary table molding machines allow large quantities of parts to be produced in an efficient and cost effective manner. Short runs can also be accomplished economically by utilizing a single mold and oscillating the rotary table forward and reverse.

Cable molding and connector manufacturing remains a challenge for US manufacturers who face offshore pricing pressures. Cable overmolding is especially well suited for the insert molding process. Benefits include eliminating costly frames and housings that must be assembled by hand. In the systems we utilize the entire profile of the cable body, including the strain relief, can be produced in one step called cable overmolding. With Aberdeen’s book molding systems our customers receive the benefits of multiple station molding which reduces both cycle times and setup/changeover. Finished parts cure during the cable molding stage while molds index around a programmable rotary table, thus allowing stations to be added or removed from the production mix with the push of a button. Different molds running family products can also be used simultaneously since the machine will adjust the specific molding parameters, as shown in the video below. By including removable inserts in the mold tooling cable molding can be further customized with part numbers, company names and/or logos. Multiple cable ends can be molded on the same set-up using a single machine with several different molds. This contributes flexibility and efficiency to both the manufacturing process and to inventory management. Aberdeen can supply top quality made to order assemblies at competitive prices.

Typical applications include:

    *Switches *Contacts *Connectors *Armatures *Commutators
    *D Sub Connectors *DIN Connectors *Cordsets *Receptacles *Encapsulated Coils *Strain Reliefs
    *Housings *Multi-Pin Assemblies *Insulators *Circuit Modules